Experience You Can Rely On

Consummate professionals invest and divest at the right opportunities.

All about balance

Respecting your boundaries

JK Marshall Mercantile’s successful investment management is dependent upon striking the perfect balance between financial risk and reward. Generally speaking, assets offering higher returns also come with higher risks. Our task is to identify the ideal balance point for each of our clients.

Our professionals are experts at gathering and analyzing financial data, accurately assessing your tolerance for risk of loss and creating short-term and long-term strategic solutions aimed at maximizing your returns while respecting your explicit risk boundaries.

We invest in a wide variety of trusted assets, including global equities and fixed income assets such as bond funds and fixed deposits. If you are not highly risk averse, we can also explore alternative assets which, while tending to be more volatile, also have the potential to yield significantly higher returns.


Let us handle the day-to-day

JK Marshall Mercantile can provide its investment management expertise in two ways. The most popular option is our discretionary service, whereby you authorize us to take over the day-to-day management of your portfolio, including buying and selling of assets as necessary to maintain maximum capital growth. Of course, we’ll always notify you of any such actions we take.

Of course, our professionals are required to remain within agreed-upon investment risk limits when choosing any new assets, so that your risk tolerance is never exceeded.


Final sanction

JK Marshall Mercantile also provides an advisory management option for clients who wish to retain more direct control over their portfolios. If you prefer, JK Marshall Mercantile will notify you whenever our professionals believe that some adjustment to your asset balance is recommended, but they will not act until they receive your approval. As with our discretionary management service, you benefit equally from our expert research and advice.

This option is often preferable to those clients who have a more sophisticated understanding of financial markets and wish to be involved in buying and selling decisions, or who have pre-existing agreements with third-party managers that make full discretionary management impractical.