Getting To Know You

Is as crucial to investment success as the assets we select.

Reliable strategy

Forearmed is forewarned

JK Marshall Mercantile follows a structured, proven method for onboarding each new client. In this way, we can more easily design a customized investment roadmap that takes into consideration their unique financial objectives, risk profile and any special circumstances.

Central to this plan is the formal procedure referred to as “Know Your Client,” or KYC. The better we know and understand your current investment portfolio and overall financial situation, the more effective an investment plan we can put together for you.

Integrity of purpose

At our initial discovery meeting, JK Marshall Mercantile seeks to understand everything relevant to making informed investment decisions on your behalf, from your assets and liabilities to issues like your desired retirement age.

In most cases, any investments you already hold can be easily integrated into the portfolio we design for you. On occasion, we might recommend liquidating an asset if we believe that continuing to hold it is not in your best financial interest but such instances are rarely necessary.

Diversity pays

Modern portfolio theory

A typical JK Marshall Mercantile client portfolio comprises a diverse mix of different asset classes, focused primarily on equities, fixed income assets and cash equivalents. We might also recommend alternative investments such as commodities. These assets tend to rise or fall independently of the stock market, providing a buffer against bear markets. This approach provides additional resilience to weather adverse economic events.

From time to time, we’ll recommend adding to or removing specific assets from your portfolio. This rebalancing is necessary in order to take full advantage of changing market conditions.