Disciplined Methodology

Order guides every step of our process.

Forensic research

Asset allocation

JK Marshall Mercantile employs a research strategy that relies both on our own well-staffed research department and on third party sources. Our extensive financial database guides us in selecting assets that perfectly match your investment goals, choosing products that will maximize capital growth while minimizing risks. This reliance on fundamental analysis sits at the foundation of our investment philosophy.

Projecting profits

At the same time, we also make use of several algorithmic quantitative trading strategies. These proprietary tools enable us to exploit short-term market inefficiencies that would likely go unobserved and unexploited by investors relying purely on fundamental analysis.

Using this combination of strategies, an approach that distinguishes us from other firms, we’re able to more consistently and accurately predict long-term market trends.

Hear the markets whisper

Conventional analysis

Modern technology provides a flood of new financial market information, some of it more relevant than others. Of course, traditional indicators such as price-to-earnings ratios, revenue and overall debt, as well as global economic and political trends, are still the foundation of a thorough understanding of any asset.