The Only Constant Is Change

We are prepared to adapt as markets and your circumstances change.

Tell us what you need

When you need it

Whether you only want management of your investments or require a wider focus, JK Marshall Mercantile offers a suite of professional financial services to meet every need.

These might include real estate management, retirement planning or legacy services, making sure that your assets will be distributed according to your wishes. Individuals or families with exceptionally high net worth may prefer to place all of their financial affairs in our capable hands, providing them with more free time to focus on other matters.

Investment management

Many JK Marshall Mercantile clients opt for our investment management service. After creating your financial profile, we design a custom investment portfolio tailored to your specific goals. Going forward, we make decisions on your behalf to buy, hold or sell specific assets to take full advantage of changing market conditions. This differs from our wealth management service in that we are not involved in managing other facets of your finances.

Wealth management

JK Marshall Mercantile’s wealth management service is a much more comprehensive option, going beyond management of just your investment portfolio. At your discretion, we can also oversee your real estate assets, trusts, tax issues, insurance, and retirement and wealth transfer planning. This more inclusive approach requires our professionals to have a very clear picture of your overall financial status.

Wealth concierge

For high-net-worth clients, JK Marshall Mercantile can provide an additional suite of personal financial services that goes beyond even our wealth management option. Usually referred to as a “family office,” our wealth concierge practice can manage your day-to-day financial disbursements including staff payroll, budgeting and philanthropic issues.