Supporting Generational Wealth

Ensuring generations of your progeny benefit from your hard work.

It’s all about family

Going the extra mile

JK Marshall Mercantile’s wealth concierge service provides comprehensive solutions for high-net-worth individuals and families who prefer professional management of all facets of their wealth. We offer guidance on the transfer of wealth, advising beneficiaries to enable them to make sound financial decisions in the future.

Client/advisor privilege

Total confidentiality

JK Marshall Mercantile is intimately familiar with the various strategies that government agencies, particularly revenue collection agencies, employ to scrutinize those of significant wealth. Every year brings new legislation designed to increase the tax burden on the wealthy to compensate for growing revenue deficits. Often, this includes soliciting more and more personal taxpayer information.

We believe that all of your financial information should remain as confidential as possible. While we may be required by law or subpoena to turn over specific information, we will never voluntarily surrender any of your personal data to any government or other third party.

Carrying the load

Enjoy the life you’ve earned

JK Marshall Mercantile’s wealth concierge exists solely to help you unburden yourselves of many time-consuming everyday financial matters that can seem oppressive once they approach a certain level. These can include the management of insurance matters, real estate management, event planning, relocations, household payrolls, travel arrangements, philanthropy and charitable giving, and other cash-flow management services.