Comprehensive Stewardship

A complete, all-embracing management solution for your financial life.

Taking care of all your assets

The wider scope

JK Marshall Mercantile’s wealth management option is more comprehensive in scope than our investment management service, providing clients with professional financial stewardship that encompasses many other aspects of a client’s financial ecosystem.

These additional services could include management of your real estate holdings, retirement planning, tax management, insurance issues and more.

Caring for your wealth

Keep your spending power

JK Marshall Mercantile’s objective is to safeguard and grow your wealth using a host of strategies and tools. Perhaps you are typical of many of our clients in that you’ve already attained a certain level of wealth by the time you feel it necessary to enlist the services of a wealth manager.

At this point, your primary concern may be the preservation of that wealth, ensuring that it’s adequately protected from inflation and excessive taxation. This is particularly important when considering inheritance transfers to family or charitable institutions. Of course, opportunities for continued growth are always welcomed, though that may no longer be your first priority.

Ring-fence wealth legally

Make tax work for you

JK Marshall Mercantile’s experienced wealth managers work carefully with you or your representatives to select assets that can work together to grow in value as expeditiously as possible. At the same time, they seek strategies to reduce your tax burden.

Your cash, stocks and similar assets can be held in “tax wrappers” such as ISAs in the UK or IRAs in the US. Retirement planning can be structured to best exploit government incentives for pensions, including subsidies and tax relief. Real estate assets can be held or sold at the most opportune times for minimizing tax liability.